Yes, there is a large future of PHP and Laravel developers not in India but in the whole world.

Here are some benefits of being a PHP developer:

  1. it’s modest to host and setup
  2. it’s generally upheld
  3. it’s anything but difficult to compose and learn

80% of sites on internet use it Usage Statistics and Market Share of PHP for Websites, Jan 2019 with the goal that’s entirely encouraging

The silver covering…

  1. 80% web utilizes it, so we have a lot of employment.
  2. Facebook was written in PHP (yet was in the long run moved to C++ utilizing hip-hop) so you can go as large as possible.
  3. So much help, pretty much everything has been attempted and tried with PHP, so you won’t stall out.

As you can see there are lots of benefits of the PHP developer and also the Facebook which is used by the whole world is made in PHP. My site is also made in PHP with the help of AIS Technolabs and now I am earing a handsome amount of money.

You can also see this company‚Äôs reviews of PHP development as well as Laravel Development, it’s the best company if you want any help in building something in PHP.


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